Modlife is an Internet platform that allows artists to bring fans “backstage” into their private world.  Based on innovative ways of using proven technologies, Modlife’s flexible business platform financially rewards artists who are willing to leverage their fame, personality and brand equity value. Modlife allows the artist to be in control of the monetization of their unique content.  Modlife’s scalable and highly customizable platform has provided prominent musicians and artists with a quality experience since 2007. 

Macbeth Footwear

Macbeth is a product-driven lifestyle footwear company, creating modern classics that take inspiration from music, art and the southern California ascetic.  Founded in 2002, Macbeth was one of the first companies to offer a vegan skate shoe.  Macbeth is also a leader in the artist/brand collaboration trend, having successfully working with a variety of musicians and artists throughout the years.  Macbeth continues to infuse its products with innovate collaborations as it grows the brand in the United States and abroad.

To The Stars

To The Stars is a creative development entity that invests in and manages a wide range of projects. Founded in 2011, To The Stars develops ideas that blend film, music and art across industry lines, to their full potential. To The Stars seeks to develop long lasting projects by using creative business strategies that will allow it to develop as a Film Studio/Production House/Entertainment company without limitations.

Reissued (the app)

A curated social marketplace app to buy and sell vintage, one-of-a-kind, handmade and hard to find items.